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How's My Driving?

Got any complaints, advice on how to improve of just want to stop by to comment?

IP is off, anon is on and all comments will be screened. Smash Academy members are also welcomed to drop a note here.

Incoming Message. Priority One.

[ *Riiiing Riiiiing*

This is Slippy! I'm not here right now so leave a message after the beep,

You heard the froggy. Drop him a VOICE MAIL, a TEXT or CALL him. Remember to leave a date and time.]



*Here's Slippy. He currently sitting outside the hangar.  He also has a rocket launcher in his arms.*

The birds are in the hangar. I can't get to the Landmaster or to my arwing. Where did all this stupid birds come fr- *suddenly loud hissing and chirps can be heard from offscreen* AAAAH! THERE'S MORE!

*Slippy fires a missile. A few seconds later a bright light flashes from offscreen along with a loud explosion. The chirping subsides. For now, anyway.*

Forget this! I'm gonna be chicken feed if I don't get back to my room!


Back to Normal

What was wrong with me last week!? Lash, did you ever make those hamburgers?

Fox, Falco. I'm really sorry if I acted like a jerk to you guys the past few days. I don't have any clue what I was thinking but I'm sorry. I don't even remember why I was so mad at you two...or anything really.

And to everyone else, I'm sorry if I was mean to you too.


Birthdays and AUs

Jeez, I've been really forgetful lately. My birthday was back on the first and I didn't remember.

I guess I should consider my 21st birthday more important instead of my 20th but my voice changed this year which is really important to me.
Does anyone know what I should do to celebrate?

AU Week Plotting (OTA)

This page is for plotting purposes for my boys on AU! Week. Wanna form a big plan, fight or have some other type of interaction, please post here.

, messenger boy of the Koopa Troop

Parakarry was born and raised in Dark Land and grew up into a loyal minion of Bowser. He's more serious, aggressive and is willing to take on anyone who goes against his king. This AU version is suppose to of been here for a while so if you want Parakarry to know your character, please tell me.

Slippy, the ex-Star Fox member

His time in Titania almost cost him his life and he became embittered with the rest of his team as a result. He's more independant and more self-conscious of his appearance than normal Slippy. This AU version is suppose to of been here for a while so if you want Slippy to know your character, please tell me.

I am open to pretty everything, guys. COME AT ME BROS!


Valentines Day Cards

*If any of Slippy's friends and close acquaintances check their mailboxes, they'll find a rather boring looking card with a simple red and pink heart pattern on it . However when opened, a little tune starts playing. There's also a small bag of candy hearts attached to it.*



Gifts for Apple Kid, Daisy, Falco, Fox, Lash, Leon, Knuckles, Melissa, Misty, Red, Sable, The T.As and his teachers.

I know I am forgetting people. I just know it!Collapse )

GDit Chat

I'm never reading fanfiction about myself again. Why are fans debating about my gender?


*Voice Post*

I don't know why I haven't tried to use the voice post option before. It's a lot faster than typin' stuff up. Looks like nothin' bad's happened since the mushroom incident which is really good. The tanatoed festival was polinice.

...Wait why am I saying politoed all of a sutoed? Politoed? Poli? Poli POLITOOOOOOOED!!!!!

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